Manjares De Antioquia Company was founded in La Ceja (Antioquia, Colombia). In that city, in hands of a traditional family from the region, the recipe was created to produce the DELICIOUS AND EXQUISITE PANELITA OF AREQUIPE AND COCONUT. Their main objective has been always to offer a fully artisan product with excellent flavor and complying with the highest quality standards.

Due to the great success that our panelita has had in the local market, our Company has been implementing a process of technical improvements for the past six years in order to enter the international market.


We are a company based on innovation and teamwork, standing out at the national level for providing high-quality products and with high value added. Our company belongs to the industry sector and we offer a specialized product aiming at the compliance with the expectations of the final consumer.


In 2025 we will be a large company recognized nationally and internationally by our high-quality and innovative products, services and collaborators, with a solid brand positioning.


Manjares de Antioquia received the USA FDA certificate N° 19611088680 and has the Colombian INVIMA registry NSA-001499-2016. We belong to the COLOMBIA BRAND group.